rachel smiths' donations
Leukaemia Research
Nick Shirley Xtreme Terrain Triathlon £8006
Sinead Furber Family Bike Ride, Norfolk £1,200
Harriet Phillips/Bigwigs House sale (jewellery etc) £566
Rachel’s Ballet school Donations/proceeds from show £1,000
Debbie and Carl Christon House sale £525
Richard Boothroyd Ride for Rachel £2,715
Hector Dickson & friends Ride for Rachel (Scotland) £3,000
Gaddesby School Donations, Harvest Assembly £227
Angela, Jenny and Charles -Donations in memory of GG/Win £980
Mike & Kate Foster-Smith plus friends, Twyning Open Gardens £5,700
art show £300
When You Wish Upon A Star
Jason Whowell Half Marathon £600
Joe Cannon (Mum Kate) Donations instead of gifts
for his 6th birthday party £290
Anthony Nolan Trust
Barney Leaf Half Marathon £515
Brian Piper/Golden Fleece Sponsored Christmas Carols £450
Ward 27 LRI
Geoff Smith (‘Poppa’) Charity Golf Day £6,500
McMillan Cancer Support
Martin Smith/et al Ride for Rachel £89,900
Martin Smith/et al Ride for Rachel £1,000
Children With Leukaemia
Gaddesby School Children’s Marathon Challenge £1757


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